AJ Styles and LA Knight Brawl Before WrestleMania

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The build up to WrestleMania has been more than enormous, and how could it not be? The Rock has come back to WWE, Roman Reigns is in the midst of a historic title reign. Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre have been verbally battle back and forth with not only each other, but CM Punk, who returned to WWE at the end of 2023, at Survivor Series. And then there’s Cody Rhodes and his continued struggle of capturing not only his, but his entire namesake’s WWE World Championship.

With all of those names floating around the WWE Universe it can be easy to lose sight of all the other matches that are happening at WrestleMania in Philadelphia. One of those matches is AJ Styles and LA Knight, which has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle in the immense buildup of the Bloodline, The Final Boss and Cody Rhodes finishing his story.

The match between AJ Styles and LA Knight might have only become official within the last few weeks, but the trouble between the two men has been brewing for longer than that. When AJ Styles returned from injury, the former world champion felt insulted that LA Knight had gained steam within WWE. It all came to a boiling point when AJ Styles attacked LA Knight inside of Elimination Chamber in Australia. From then on, the two men have been throwing verbal barbs and attacking one another.

Sneaking behind each other came to an end, though, at the WrestleMania presser event, where LA Knight caught sight of AJ Styles in between interviews, and the two wrestlers came to blows.

It’s not clear why there wasn’t any security in place, knowing how hot things have gotten between the two wrestlers in recent weeks. What is known is that there were few words between Styles and Knight. The two men let their actions speak for them and wrestled back and forth, taking one another down to the floor as onlookers watched.

WWE officials finally were able to get between the two men, but not before the damage had been done. AJ Styles got up with what look liked a busted bloody nose. The former Bullet Club member stared down LA Knight, hitting him with an expletive laced threat about their upcoming WrestleMania match.

Both AJ Styles and LA Knight were unavailable for comment after the scuffle and Kayfabe Bugle was unable to get any information from WWE officials.

This story is developing.

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