24/7 Championship Makes History At Raw Reunion

(Originally published July 24, 2019)

WWE had advertised the Raw Reunion episode of Monday Night Raw for weeks, and it finally happened. In a night marked by cameos of superstars from the past, it was the WWE 24/7 championship that stole the night.

It began as R-Truth recapped his time at San Diego Comic-Con and thwarted The Hurricane, retaining his title at the pop culture event. But from out of nowhere, Drake Maverick rolled up Truth to become, once again, the 24/7 champion.

As Drake tried to make his escape, he entered a locker room and was scared out of his boots by a suitcase full of worms. The Boogey Man was standing right behind him. Falling to the ground, he injured his back momentarily. This is when the venture of the 24/7 title truly took off for the night, as Pat Patterson was there and took advantage.

Delivering two swift kicks to Maverick’s back, Patterson then placed a foot over his chest and covered Drake to become the new champion. Patterson also became the older wrestler to hold a championship in WWE, at 78 years old.

After coming back from a break, Pat Patterson was laid out on the floor screaming curses up at his fellow stooge. Gerald Brisco was having his hand raised in victory. Whatever happened during the break, it must’ve been bad because Brisco was able to get away, leaving Patterson on the floor in pain.

But Brisco’s title reign wouldn’t last long, as he began to celebrate with Kelly Kelly. Feigning elation over his win, Kelly then delivered a low blow to Brisco. Pinning the champ, she not only became the new 24/7 champion but the first woman to hold the title. With Kelly holding the championship, it also means the title is an intergender championship now.

As Kelly Kelly celebrated her victory, she got blindsided by Candice Michelle, pinning her to become the new champion. Michelle’s title reign would only last minutes, though. As she celebrated her victory, Alundra Blayze, also known as Medusa, interrupted her and forced Candice to tap out, becoming the third woman to hold the title.

Blayze told everyone she wouldn’t be the champion for long, and it sent confusion in the air. What did she mean? We’d soon find out, as later in the evening, Blayze came out to the announcer’s desk and grabbed a trash can. Just as she did decades earlier, Blayze was going to throw the championship into the trash bin. Suddenly the Million Dollar Man’s music hit, and out walked Ted DiBiase. Instead of Blayze throwing the championship away, DiBiase lured Blayze into selling him the title, with a hand full of hundred-dollar bills. Now the 24/7 championship has changed hands by being sold to another wrestler, marking another first for the title.

Later in the night, the Million Dollar Man arrived at his stretch limo. Entering and ordering the driver to take off, he shut the door, and a considerable ruckus could be heard. Some sort of scuffle was happening inside the vehicle, and from the outside, we could hear a faint count of three. We’d soon learn what happened, as Drake Maverick emerged from another door, with his coveted title in hand, and a referee at his side. Drake was once again the champion. But he had no time to celebrate, as a massive gathering of wrestlers began to chase Maverick through the arena.

When we finally caught up with Drake later in the night, he’s made his way backstage and to another limo. There, his wife is waiting for him. He tells her it’s finally time to get out of town and that they’d finally consummate their marriage. But it was not to be, as R-Truth seemed to pull a Randy Orton and showed up out of nowhere. Rolling up Maverick, the referee counted, and R-Truth captured the championship title he’d lost at the beginning of the show.

Diving into the limousine, R-Truth implored the driver to take off, and as the limo sped away, Maverick’s wife was still in the car. Drake started screaming for his title, only to finally realize that Carmella was standing next to him and not his newly betrothed.

In a night marked by superstars from the past showing up, Raw Reunion came to a close with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He busted open a couple of Steveweisers, and saluting to the crowd, thanked the ones in the area, the viewers at home, and his entire WWE family.

For one man there would be no celebrating, though. Yes, the title changed hands multiple times, and records were made. Three women held the title, making it an intergender championship now, too. Patterson won the title, making him the older wrestler to hold a WWE championship. And the title was even sold from Blayze to the Million Dollar Man.

But Drake’s precious still eludes him. In one night, Drake Maverick has seemingly lost his wife and his championship. Poor, poor, Drake Maverick.

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