NWA Returns with Back For The Attack!

During the pandemic over the last year, many wrestling promotions had to shut down for a number of months. Some even shut down permanently. When the National Wrestling Alliance stopped recording their studio shows in early 2020, many wondered if the Billy Corgan led wrestling company would survive. The NWA had been gaining a reputation of providing outstanding matches that resembled the in-studio wrestling shows of yesteryear.

While organizations like AEW and WWE kept on putting on shows without audiences in the beginning, many others did not. No one was sure if NWA was going to come back. Nick Aldis was still the company’s World Champion, but many other wrestlers had gone on to other promotion. Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston are two names that come to mind, who’ve since signed with AEW. Thunder Rosa lost her NWA Women’s Championship at an All Elite Wrestling event. And the front office of NWA had remained quiet for months.

Then the company pulled all of their videos of their events down from YouTube, where they had been publishing them to. Many initially thought that was the beginning of the end for the company.

But rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated. This past weekend, the National Wrestling Alliance returned with their show Back For The Attack.

Nick Aldis started off the show with a calm yet powerful speech to not only the small audience watching live, but everyone watching through Fite TV. The show started with a four-way match featuring Slice Boogie, Jax Dane, Crimson, and Jordan Clearwater. Each competitor showed a few impressive moves through the match, and it was a solid opener for the night, to wet everyone’s appetite for the upcoming matches. Slice Boogie pinned Clearwater for the win of the first match of the night.

What followed was a returning Tyrus to the wrestling ring, facing one half of the NWA tag team champions, Kratos. Tyrus won with an elbow drop, in a bit of a lackluster match. With Tyrus being out of wrestling for a while, that might’ve had something to do with it.

The third match of the night was an NWA Television Championship match with the champion, Pope, taking on Thomas Latimer in a face paced matched that thrilled from the beginning. Unfortunately, with only a ten minute and five second time-limit for the match, both men fought o a time-limit draw. Pope didn’t look happy that he retained his title because of the draw, and offered Latimer a handshake at the end, but Latimer refused and walked away.

Following the Television Championship match was a number one contender’s match for the NWA Women’s Championship. Thunder Rosa fought Kamille in another excellent match of the night. Thunder Rosa brought the intensity, as she normally does in all of her matches, but the power of Kamille was on clear display. The two battled back and forth, before Kamille nailed Thunder Rosa with a wicked spear, taking the former champion down. The commentators were left confused, not sure why Kamille didn’t go for the pin, but she soon proved why. She waited for Thunder Rosa to get to her feet before hitting her with an event more damaging spear, allowing her to pin Thunder Rosa and become the number one contender.

Next up was the NWA National Championship match with the champion, Trevor Murdoch, taking on Chris Adonis. Murdoch is a throwback kind of wrestler, very ground based wrestling, while Chris Adonis relies on his power to try to take out his opponent. The two battle back and forth, but in the end Murdoch retained his title with a quick roll up. Adonis attacked Murdoch after the match, so this rivalry seemed far from over.

In the main event of the night, Nick Aldis defended his World Championship against Aron Stevens, who was also dedicating the match to the late wrestler, Joseph Hudson. There was a little trash talk between both wrestlers in the beginning before the action picked up. Earlier in the week, Aron Stevens called on Austin Idol to be ringside for the match, which he was, sitting at the commentator’s table. Many thought Idol would be a factor in this match, but that was not to be. In the end, Aldis defeated Stevens, extending his reign as NWA champion. The event ended with many from the locker room, coming out to give a final salute and farewell to the late Questions Mark.

In the end, NWA’s Back For The Attack was a solid wrestling event that proved to everyone NWA is not only still around, but they are reloading their roster. That’s good, as it was recently announced that NWA Powerrr will resume soon, with new episodes being aired on Fite TV.

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