Nic Nemeth Shocks The World! Debuts in TNA Wrestling!

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In a surprising turn of events that sent shockwaves through the world of professional wrestling, Nic Nemeth, formerly known to pro wrestling fans all over the world as Dolph Ziggler, made an unexpected appearance at the TNA event, Hard to Kill. The seasoned WWE veteran’s unannounced presence at the rival promotion’s event has ignited speculation and excitement among fans.

Hard To Kill was TNA Wrestling’s re-debut, if you will, as the wrestling promotion had in recent years switched from calling itself TNA and instead rebranded and renamed itself Impact Wrestling. Throughout the years, ownership of the company had changed, and it had also found itself on different television stations, with its latest home channel being that of AXS TV.

At the event, emanating from Paradise, Nevada and the Palms Casino Resort, the reintroduction of TNA Wrestling to pro wrestling fans everywhere concluded with a main event match featuring Moose fighting for the TNA Championship against Alex Shelley. After an incredible battle between the two wrestlers, what should’ve been a moment to shine for the newly crowned champion, Moose, turned into a surprise appearance of epic proportions. Nic Nemeth debuted, catching Moose off-guard in the ring, delivering a superkick and taking the new champion down! Fans were left in disbelief as Nic Nemeth, with his trademark swagger, left through the crowd, tearing off the shirt he was wearing, only to reveal a TNA Wrestling shirt underneath.

As mentioned earlier, Nemeth had previously worked for WWE, starting with the pro wrestling company out of college and wrestling for the promotion for nearly twenty years. In that time, not only did he win championships, including the World Heavyweight title, but he developed an incredible fanbase that supported the wrestler through injuries and even when it seemed World Wrestling Entertainment didn’t value the wrestler as much as they should’ve.

The buzz surrounding Nemeth’s appearance at TNA Hard to Kill isn’t the only that has fans talking. In addition to spoiling Moose’s championship win, Nemeth also debuted for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he originally showed up in the crowd, only to attack David Finlay backstage and proclaim his intentions for the newly establish IWGP title, the Global Championship.

Courtesy NJPW

Giving himself the moniker of “The Wanted Man,” Nemeth certainly seems to be living up to the hype, as he not only has now debuted for two major pro wrestling companies but has confirmed dates for upcoming independent wrestling promotions such as World Series Wrestling and World Wrestling Council. By the time the frenzy subdued somewhat for live attendees at Hard to Kill, #ZigglerAtTNA was trending worldwide on social media.

The wrestling world is now abuzz with speculation about the potential matchups that could arise from Nic Nemeth’s move to TNA. Of course there is Moose, but there are other stars like Frank Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Josh Alexander, and more! As the dust settles from Nemeth’s shocking appearance at Hard to Kill, the wrestling community is left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this unfolding saga of TNA Wrestling.

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